A Writer’s Mind

Complex corridors construct my brain

Labyrinth illusions reside in this domain

Home of the intricate

Delicately crafted from

Memories of old


Intuition anchored to my soul

Planning, deciphering, analyzing faster than

The MacBook resting upon your desktop

Buy a ticket

Bring your passport

Buckle in

Get ready to glide to another dimension

More than one tab stays open here

Sowing seeds in a new universe

Harvesting ideas like apples sprouting from trees

Creating a new creation

Where time doesn’t exist

Stare into my eyes and count how many light years I’m far away

Transport to a world where I am the crafter

Tying together words to build a soul

Forming sentences to paint the essence of a life

Get lost in my realm

Where I am the Philosopher King

Wielding the pen

Photography from Acearchie 

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