Fool’s Paradise

Chapter 2 Time soared by. Morning quickly morphed into the evening and Mallory finally wished the last patient ado. She swapped her lab coat for the brown blazer hanging on the coat rack in her office. The room in the back of the clinic shined under the radiant sun pouring into the windows behind the…

Old Flame

The sip of robust coffee coated her taste buds Giving her tongue the hug her body ached for. Yearning for the embrace of his arms around her. Fulfilling those promises he texted her. It was suppose to be a romantic getaway just for the two of them A chance to meet again And rekindle that…

The One Left Behind

It was safe to say she all she had to rely on was herself The people that were closest in proximity to her were runners Running away physically or Running away mentally Leaving her in reality To figure out the things they weren’t able to comprehend

An Unbalanced Apology

She cradled them Delicate bulbs resting in the crook of her elbow Seemed to weigh a ton Probably costed him a pretty coin If it was any other day, She’d be happy If the bouquet was for another reason She’d be smiling But this wasn’t any other day And it wasn’t for another reason He…


The night was cold But there was warmth between them The same heat that ignited when She matched eyes with him that first time they shared a space An accidental meeting turned into a relationship that spanned years Two and a half to be exact The duration was vivid in her mind Images so strong…


  Float away with me Above the trees Over the mountains So we can dream About what Destiny has planned For us Through the years       Photography by: Aaron Burden

Where I’m From

  I’m from land that flows with mountains of proud people full of hope. A continent that is enveloped and blessed with the riches from the creator of mankind, That produced the trail of the first grandparents of the human race. Slave ships carrying hundreds of kidnapped people to a foreign land. This is where…

A Change of Heart

  He was the man she prayed for but When he arrived in her life she was no longer the woman that spoke that prayer       Photography by: Pablo Heimplatz

What Will Remain

A deep thinker and a silent observer taking it all in, wondering why humans fight over things that’ll fade away during the duration of time Bodies will wither back to dust Money will deflate to tethered scraps Status will crack like droughted ground and the blood of the hereditary they tried to keep sacred will…

Rust and Ash

  Hate annihilates Humanity and Greed depletes Compassion A world where the two thrive will become rust and ash Rubble and dust Destroyed at the seams Because individuals can’t set aside differences and ¬†coexist       Photography by: Morgan Sessions