The night was cold

But there was warmth between them

The same heat that ignited when

She matched eyes with him that first time they shared a space

An accidental meeting turned into a relationship that spanned years

Two and a half to be exact

The duration was vivid in her mind

Images so strong she was growing weak

Second guessing her decision to place him in her past

A love like theirs was hard to find

Some might handout money to be with someone so divine

But chemistry couldn’t erase the flaw

That made itself present some time ago

Their futures weren’t aligned

He wanted to play and she wanted matrimony

So, she took a breath and turned away from the campfire

Leaving him in his quiet state

Still digesting their status of their relationship

She gripped her waist as her heartbeated

Casting out embers of their love hoping she’d listen

Turn around

Go back to him

And simmer in a love that didn’t have a commitment of forever.

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