Old Flame


The sip of robust coffee coated her taste buds

Giving her tongue the hug her body ached for.

Yearning for the embrace of his arms around her.

Fulfilling those promises he texted her.

It was suppose to be a romantic getaway just for the two of them

A chance to meet again

And rekindle that flame that use to burn white hot

When their ages ended in a ‘teen’

But he didn’t show

Giving her his notice of not attending thirty minutes after their dinner reservations

He said it an unforeseen work emergency

A believe and understandable excuse

But she couldn’t help but wonder if it was a sign

She hoped time had cured his allergy to commitment

And maybe he was still the same boy she broke up with at nineteen

As she watched the sun rise over the ocean she wondered if her old flame deserve to brightening up her present.

Photography by: Chris Knight

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