A Change of Heart

  He was the man she prayed for but When he arrived in her life she was no longer the woman that spoke that prayer       Photography by: Pablo Heimplatz

Simple Reminder

‘All you have to do each day is wake up and be the best you You can be,’ She whispered the simple reminder to herself in the mirror, fixed her crown and set out to start her day being her truly unique self not giving into anyone’s construct of who she should be.    …

Writer’s Block

  A wall of brick and concrete Mortared by doubts From the rejections gliding into the inbox Constructed with words pertaining to the fitness of your craft Slaughtering ideas, plot, and dialogue Chocking creativity and murdering epilogues Disillusioning you in a world To believe the hundreds of paragraphs Whimsical metaphors And lyrical lines You birthed…

A Blind Eye

  Don’t let your struggle Blind you to Someone else’s hardships     Photography by: Maique Madeira


  Bitter She didn’t want to become Watching all the happiness Swirl around her Like sugar and honey

A Different Beat

  An old soul In a Modern world Beating at a Rhythm heard by Many But Understood by a few       Photograph by: NordWood Themes Photography


  Fear takes you to one place; A land of abyss Built by despair. Don’t let it take you there.


Sleep on my dream and You’ll wake up during my reign.  


Embrace the struggle Don’t resist Let it prune away the weeds that weakness bore So, the magnificent splendor Of your flower can bloom. Photography by: Ahmed Saffu


She’s a peculiar person In an ordinary world She thinks life is meant to be lived Not days spanned to years Spent at a desk logging in hours to pay bills Clubs don’t excite her Apple martinis don’t percolate her taste buds She’d rather a hike through the hinterland Sipping on a green tea spiked…