I, Amber Samuel am a teacher with a passion for spine-chilling mystification—wanting, yearning to hijack your mind into another dimension. I’ll conjure up illusions so vivid it’ll have you wondering if you’re schizophrenic. My lyricism will hypnotize your psyche captivating your synapses leaving you chasing me like a 1970’s crack phene. No, I’m not Curtis Mayfield but I’ll have you begging and pleading like Keith Sweat for another page, just another paragraph, and please baby please one more sentence. I’m not Johnny “Guitar” Watson, but I can be your Superman Lover saving your life with excitement and suspense. There’s no red or blue pill here, but there is a purple one. Be brave; take the pill and slip into my world of thrill.

To read full-length novels, go to: http://www.wattpad.com/AmethystAmber87

Follow me on twitter at: @AmethystAmber87

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  1. I enjoyed reading Catawampus . I am interested in reading more. Is this in print and where can I obtain a copy? Amber, you have a God giving talent for writing. Always thank him for this blessing. It came from him and through him, give him glory. You should nuture this talent as a baby. So, keep up the good work! READ and WRITE



  2. pedrol says:

    nice to meet you Amber 🙂 PedroL

    1. Amber says:

      Thanks! Nice to meet you, too.

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