Taking the Bait

“This is stupid.” Tasha protested, standing in the foyer of a Victorian mansion that was tucked away on a hill behind weeping willows and an iron fence. “They need help,” Ainsley waved a folded piece of notebook paper towards her. “We need to help them and they might have my suitcase.” She paused to marvel…

Writer’s Block

  A wall of brick and concrete Mortared by doubts From the rejections gliding into the inbox Constructed with words pertaining to the fitness of your craft Slaughtering ideas, plot, and dialogue Chocking creativity and murdering epilogues Disillusioning you in a world To believe the hundreds of paragraphs Whimsical metaphors And lyrical lines You birthed…

New Year’s Day

    New Year’s Day  Is a time to clean  The slate Hit refresh And  Start Anew So, don’t take 2017’s issues In to a year so new     photography by Chansereypich Seng


  In the sleeping hours, it is forgotten That nothingness swells in the waking hours Years of success being a gift that passed you up Progression being something that evaded their clutch Being happy is easy but faking it is a chore. Time is the enemy You can’t fast forward and get to the end…

A Longing for Progress

    Lying Awake Pondering upon fate Why did she always have to wait While others are bestowed all the things they yearn for Are her dreams of any importance Are her desires of any concern Will she always be pushed to the end of the line Or will her number be called in due…

Everlasting Cure for Heartbreak

    If you love something You can lose it Maybe It’d be better To close Up your heart and be Reclusive           Photography by Dahiana Candelo

The Girl That Time Forgot

    The girl that time forgot Disintegrated with every tick of the clock A life stuck on pause While affluence blooms around   Photography by: Andrew Neel


  Coffee and wine A soul so divine Beaten and battered By the trials of time Seeking shelter from the surge of life’s storm Step inside and find solace In Peppermint-Sunshine       Photography by: Patrick Fore

Novel Pimp

Your empire is falling.  You presume to know what people want Bookstores shelved with novels anointed to be page-turners Mainly catering to a select group of readers Whose hue doesn’t tan darker than unbleached flour With just one glance You think you can pick greatness Predict a hit Having no clue what lies between pages…

Being Still

      Being on the sidelines of the field of life  She sat on the bench in the Hardest game to be played The Waiting Game. Waiting to be picked Waiting to play Waiting to take part in all the Experiences life had to offer. Days turned to months And Months transpired into years….