Being Still

      Being on the sidelines of the field of life  She sat on the bench in the Hardest game to be played The Waiting Game. Waiting to be picked Waiting to play Waiting to take part in all the Experiences life had to offer. Days turned to months And Months transpired into years….

After All This Time

She wasn’t going to come She knew he’d be there The man that got down on one knee and asked Her to be with him from now to eternity After all those months had passed he looked the same Intelligence and desire Made of muscle and bone The churn of her stomach The fire upon…


Embrace the struggle Don’t resist Let it prune away the weeds that weakness bore So, the magnificent splendor Of your flower can bloom. Photography by: Ahmed Saffu


He told her he would be home hours ago So, she looked for him Waited for him Anticipated him Thought about all the misfortunes that could’ve happened to him Just before the waking hours He slid into bed As she rested her head upon his bare skin She discovered he didn’t smell like the man…


Raining upon them terror Pouring onto them pain Festering on their conflicted mind Infecting you with doubt Diseasing you with worry You twisted your face towards her depravity So, look into her abyss And get lost in her emptiness She is a void Chasing away your dreams Reaping upon you nightmares

I Don’t Know

Maybe my dress was too tight I don’t know Maybe my skirt was too short I don’t know Maybe my blouse was too low I don’t know Or my yoga pants too firm fitting I don’t know Maybe my maxi dress was too loose, How that one strip falls off my shoulder I don’t know…


Disappear away from existence Slip into another dimension Fall in another plane Hide away in an alternate universe Where wrong is right Hard is easy Down are ups Failures are triumphs And struggles are uncomplicated Sometimes you need time To reexamine, readjust, and redirected Then get your head back in the game The game that…

Question Mark

Life is a question mark A mystery never solved A cliffhanger never understood Suspense brewing at every turn Everyday uncharted Every year unknown Plans are useless Strategy is counterproductive Because life is a Question mark Ending a sentence Forever to be determined.

The Beast of Life

Tethered to nothing but a wish and a dream Floating in unsettling gravity Grappling for a branch or twig to grasp onto A mere ledge to hold you afloat In this life there are but few certainties You will be born into a world of instability Haunted by fears that infect your decent soul Festering…


Like watching paint drying on a colonial barn door Brain cells exploding with rising trepidation Blood boiling with annoyance Waiting for time to soar towards its apex Bring upon the sweet pleasure of chaos The wild rapid ride of uncertainty Rain upon my senses the confusion of complexity The welcomed bliss of excitement Shine upon…