After All This Time

She wasn’t going to come
She knew he’d be there
The man that got down on one knee and asked
Her to be with him from now to eternity
After all those months had passed he looked the same
Intelligence and desire
Made of muscle and bone
The churn of her stomach
The fire upon her skin
The glimmer in his chestnut eyes
Still called to her soul.
After all those weeks
And all those days,
She remembered the late night chats that
Enthralled her brain
She still remembered the early mornings
He resided in her lavender field
Taking them to a land of serenity.
After all those hours,
She could still feel the trail his hands journeyed down her spine
After all those minutes,
The ghost of his kiss haunted her lips
After all this time
She wished she said yes
And not that
They needed space.




Photography by: Unknown

One Comment Add yours

  1. tammie mae says:

    These damn thoughts of indecisiveness, clog ones mind at the most inopportune or woeful occasion.

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