Creatives Are Supreme

Obliterating boredom with the flick of a wrist Stroke of a key Who can conjure worlds and dimensions, Civilzations and cultures Personas and personalities From merely staring at the void of nothingness.

Old Time Love

Give me an old time love Crafted by two souls Destined to adore and Nurture all the dimensions that construct our world Not a life sentence measured by the duration of suffering one can endure But a love with two beings Bringing out the best in each other A love that makes silence comforting With…

Black Girl Resting

They didn’t see her Although she stood erectly before them Feet planted firmly on the revolving terrain Curls weaved into rope-like braids putting Rapunzel to shame Deep brown skin that shone under the sun’s blazing glow She was a work of art A marvelous creation Too majestic for them to understand her existence So they…

Work Ethic Times Three

Work, work, work Grind, grind, grind Having to do three times the work For half the shine Hustle, hustle, hustle Move, move, move There’s no time to squander You have to act with haste The starting line is flexible Shifting when you enter the race Fairness and equality isn’t a privilege you get to taste…

Like Me

Overpowered with a strong desire to read She took a trip to her local bookstore In search of a potion to subdue her need She skimmed the shelves and scoured the aisles Hunting down a cover with a character To her dismay a problem arised She had difficulty locating a character that matched her outter…

Simple Reminder

‘All you have to do each day is wake up and be the best you You can be,’ She whispered the simple reminder to herself in the mirror, fixed her crown and set out to start her day being her truly unique self not giving into anyone’s construct of who she should be.    …

2019 Motto

  The New Year is here Reset your mind Laser in your focus Be the best you you can be without causing harm to  another   Photography by: Spenser Sembrat

Until It’s Won

A part of me wants to give up To stop Wave the white flag in the air and fight no more Surrendering seems quite appealing Doing good is difficult Doing the right thing is laborious Everyday can be a struggle to not give in To stop following the rules Resign from the fight Why keep…

Your Place

    The past is over The future has yet to begin Remain in the present It’s where you belong       Photography by:  Judeus Samson


  Collecting memories Time is too short For Anything else       Photography by: Laura Marques