Half Full

Bright-eyed and full of wonderment You get released in the world with a piece of paper and well-wishes A glass full of hopes, dreams, and aspirations Onto a playing field rigged with landmines and grenades Stripping you of that youthful guise and candy-coated line of thinking No longer believing that hard work will get you…

Novel Thirst

One more page At the end of this chapter This period will be my stopping point They were all lies she told herself Tall tales her mind whispered when she remembered there was a task that required her attention But she had fell in too deep The plot had hypnotized her consciousness The characters had…

Old Flame

The sip of robust coffee coated her taste buds Giving her tongue the hug her body ached for. Yearning for the embrace of his arms around her. Fulfilling those promises he texted her. It was suppose to be a romantic getaway just for the two of them A chance to meet again And rekindle that…

A Cereal Dater

The grumbling of her stomach woke her from her sleep She went to the cabinent for a midnight treat Cinnamon Toast Crunch Drizzled with honey Would do the trick She searched the shelves And stood on her tip toes to see if she missed some space in the back But her box of the sugar,…

The One Left Behind

It was safe to say she all she had to rely on was herself The people that were closest in proximity to her were runners Running away physically or Running away mentally Leaving her in reality To figure out the things they weren’t able to comprehend

What Will Remain

A deep thinker and a silent observer taking it all in, wondering why humans fight over things that’ll fade away during the duration of time Bodies will wither back to dust Money will deflate to tethered scraps Status will crack like droughted ground and the blood of the hereditary they tried to keep sacred will…

Scrivener’s Disease

Transfixed with a purpose A vision planted in the soul upon creation To author someone’s favorite novel A daunting dream, they know An all-consuming, Time devouring, Life claiming dream The ‘want to quit‘ is a notion that skips hand and hand with them To stop and move on Live a normal life Where the words stop…

2019 Motto

  The New Year is here Reset your mind Laser in your focus Be the best you you can be without causing harm to  another   Photography by: Spenser Sembrat

A Lover’s Embrace

  A touch upon the skin Easy and gentle Warm and sincere Has the power to push a magnitude of troubles out of realm       Photography by: Sahin Yesilyaprak

Starving Artist

Hunger kills creativity Eat a cookie Grab a carrot Feed the mind Fuel the art     As creators—writers, painters, illustrators, or artist we forget that our minds need nourishment so, remember to eat something even when the words are flowing and the strokes are smooth.        Photography by: Rawpixel