White Supremacist

You’re not special You’re not unique I know that’s a notion that Makes you surprised Truth be told Its a fact That the majority Of society understands Since the bulk of The world’s humanity Is black, brown, and every variation in between You’re not superior You never were You’re just a being made up Of…

Endless Cycle

Monday again Just trying to survive To Friday Seeking to regain The sweet freedom Of Saturday Desperately seeking An escape plan On Sunday To be free Of the endless Monotonous cycle Being a Creative and living in this society is slightly tortuous. You have to go into these buildings and stay for an allotted amount…

Black Girl Resting

They didn’t see her Although she stood erectly before them Feet planted firmly on the revolving terrain Curls weaved into rope-like braids putting Rapunzel to shame Deep brown skin that shone under the sun’s blazing glow She was a work of art A marvelous creation Too majestic for them to understand her existence So they…

Where I’m From

  I’m from land that flows with mountains of proud people full of hope. A continent that is enveloped and blessed with the riches from the creator of mankind, That produced the trail of the first grandparents of the human race. Slave ships carrying hundreds of kidnapped people to a foreign land. This is where…

The Road Ahead

  He stopped to take a breath His muscles were burning His stomach on empty His wanted to turn around Go back home to where he knew it’d be easy Easy, predictable and stuck in the past, is what lived in that house of brick and mortar The three reasons why he packed his bags…

Rust and Ash

  Hate annihilates Humanity and Greed depletes Compassion A world where the two thrive will become rust and ash Rubble and dust Destroyed at the seams Because individuals can’t set aside differences and  coexist       Photography by: Morgan Sessions

2019 Motto

  The New Year is here Reset your mind Laser in your focus Be the best you you can be without causing harm to  another   Photography by: Spenser Sembrat

A Lover’s Embrace

  A touch upon the skin Easy and gentle Warm and sincere Has the power to push a magnitude of troubles out of realm       Photography by: Sahin Yesilyaprak

Starving Artist

Hunger kills creativity Eat a cookie Grab a carrot Feed the mind Fuel the art     As creators—writers, painters, illustrators, or artist we forget that our minds need nourishment so, remember to eat something even when the words are flowing and the strokes are smooth.        Photography by: Rawpixel