Where I’m From


I’m from land that flows with mountains of proud people full of hope.

A continent that is enveloped and blessed with the riches from the creator of mankind,

That produced the trail of the first grandparents of the human race.

Slave ships carrying hundreds of kidnapped people to a foreign land.

This is where I’m from.


I’m from great grandparents that worked for fifty cents a day.

Grandparents that worked from sun up to sun down to give their children a good life.

I’m from parents that both graduated from college.

I’m from sharecroppers from Virginia to traveled west and settled in Texas.

I’m on a branch of a tree full of hard-working, God-fearing, intelligent, strong, and prosperous people.

This is where I’m from.


I’m from early morning bar-b-ques and late night family reunions

From four square, red light green light, and Simon Says

The smell of sweet pies, fried chicken, hot cornbread, slow cooked greens, and spicy gumbo

I’m from The laughter of cousins, 

The empathy of Aunts,

The resourcefulness of uncles,

The direction of parents,

The commodore of siblings,

And the wisdom of grandparents

This is where I’m from.






Photography by: Philipe Cavalcante

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