Float away with me Above the trees Over the mountains So we can dream About what Destiny has planned For us Through the years       Photography by: Aaron Burden

Where I’m From

  I’m from land that flows with mountains of proud people full of hope. A continent that is enveloped and blessed with the riches from the creator of mankind, That produced the trail of the first grandparents of the human race. Slave ships carrying hundreds of kidnapped people to a foreign land. This is where…

The Road Ahead

  He stopped to take a breath His muscles were burning His stomach on empty His wanted to turn around Go back home to where he knew it’d be easy Easy, predictable and stuck in the past, is what lived in that house of brick and mortar The three reasons why he packed his bags…


  Collecting memories Time is too short For Anything else       Photography by: Laura Marques

A Library of People

I was taught to never judge a book by its cover Read the prologue Skim through the pages Peruse the first chapter And maybe the beginning of the third Pay attention to the title headings It may give you some insight. That’s probably why I view people as books Stacked in the library of life…

Forced Onward

    He stood in the busy airport With everything he owned in a backpack Staring at the departure screen Knowing two things with surety There was nothing left for him in his hometown and  there was nowhere he wanted to be but there.       Photography by Erik Odin


  Fear takes you to one place; A land of abyss Built by despair. Don’t let it take you there.