A Library of People

I was taught to never judge a book by its cover

Read the prologue

Skim through the pages

Peruse the first chapter

And maybe the beginning of the third

Pay attention to the title headings

It may give you some insight.

That’s probably why I view people as books

Stacked in the library of life

Some of us are paperback

Some of us are hardcover

Some of us have smooth pages

Some of us have dog-eared corners

Some of us are short stories

Some of us are novellas

Some of us have highlighted lines and scribbles along the spine

Some of us are dramas

Some of us are tall tales

Some of us are mysteries with an awesome hook

But you’ll never know

Until you crack it open and take a look

I see people as books

Thrown in a pile

Scattered all about

You point, ‘There’s a good book…look it’s all nice and shiny’

I huff and reply, ‘That’s just window dressing trying hard to attract the eye’

I want to feel the font

Scour the words

Decipher the metaphors

And discover

Who they really are


Photography by Maxime Bhm

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  1. Beautifully written

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