Creatives Are Supreme

Obliterating boredom with the flick of a wrist Stroke of a key Who can conjure worlds and dimensions, Civilzations and cultures Personas and personalities From merely staring at the void of nothingness.

Old Time Love

Give me an old time love Crafted by two souls Destined to adore and Nurture all the dimensions that construct our world Not a life sentence measured by the duration of suffering one can endure But a love with two beings Bringing out the best in each other A love that makes silence comforting With…

Fool’s Paradise

Chapter 2 Time soared by. Morning quickly morphed into the evening and Mallory finally wished the last patient ado. She swapped her lab coat for the brown blazer hanging on the coat rack in her office. The room in the back of the clinic shined under the radiant sun pouring into the windows behind the…

Monday Mindset

Though you don’t see it Or feel it Your hardwork is paying off The things you prayed for The blessing you hoped for Are working out. Just keep beliving and Keep holding on. Your time is coming. Photograph by: Erica Steeves


  Float away with me Above the trees Over the mountains So we can dream About what Destiny has planned For us Through the years       Photography by: Aaron Burden

Where I’m From

  I’m from land that flows with mountains of proud people full of hope. A continent that is enveloped and blessed with the riches from the creator of mankind, That produced the trail of the first grandparents of the human race. Slave ships carrying hundreds of kidnapped people to a foreign land. This is where…

The Road Ahead

  He stopped to take a breath His muscles were burning His stomach on empty His wanted to turn around Go back home to where he knew it’d be easy Easy, predictable and stuck in the past, is what lived in that house of brick and mortar The three reasons why he packed his bags…

A Change of Heart

  He was the man she prayed for but When he arrived in her life she was no longer the woman that spoke that prayer       Photography by: Pablo Heimplatz

What Will Remain

A deep thinker and a silent observer taking it all in, wondering why humans fight over things that’ll fade away during the duration of time Bodies will wither back to dust Money will deflate to tethered scraps Status will crack like droughted ground and the blood of the hereditary they tried to keep sacred will…

Rust and Ash

  Hate annihilates Humanity and Greed depletes Compassion A world where the two thrive will become rust and ash Rubble and dust Destroyed at the seams Because individuals can’t set aside differences and ¬†coexist       Photography by: Morgan Sessions