Old Time Love

Give me an old time love

Crafted by two souls

Destined to adore


Nurture all the dimensions that construct our world

Not a life sentence measured by the duration of suffering one can endure

But a love with two beings

Bringing out the best in each other

A love that makes silence comforting

With a loyalty never doubted

A love overflowing with laughter


Lacking in strife

You can keep Romeo and Juliet

Give me Ciara and Russell

A love that makes poetry jealous


Constellations envious

We can take on the world type love but rather be stranded on an island love

If that’s not what you’re offering then keep it

The door is on the left

2 Comments Add yours

  1. summer with monika says:

    “love that makes poetry jealous” – wow! and i really dig your hat

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