For The Rest Rest of Your Life

“For the rest of my life,” the officiant orated.

She repeated the phrase in her mind

As many times

As thirteen seconds would allow

The bodies filling the seats in the audience

Remained frozen with anticipation

The groom stood before her

With a shaky breath

Escaping his agape mouth

As a quizzical look adorned his handsome face

Her heart thudded against the constriction of the corset

From his tension and her own anxiety

At twenty-eight, the rest of her life encompassed many years

But then there was the love that swelled

In her chest whenever she was in his presence

And thought of his character.

He was the being she wanted to see after a night’s slumber

And the only voice that could quell the raging sea of stress that could undo her sail

Her eyes dropped to their enterwined hands

And the gentle squeeze he gave her appendage

Thawed the freeze of fear encapsulated her with

The warm cure of his lips was the ray of sun needed to clear the fog

Plaguing her mind

And she knew

The rest of her life

Wasn’t long enough

To be with

The love of her life

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