I Don’t Know

Maybe my dress was too tight

I don’t know

Maybe my skirt was too short

I don’t know

Maybe my blouse was too low

I don’t know

Or my yoga pants too firm fitting

I don’t know

Maybe my maxi dress was too loose,

How that one strip falls off my shoulder

I don’t know

Maybe that smile I shot you as I walked out the coffee shop was an invitation to you

I don’t know

I was just trying to be polite

But what I do know is when I said no, I meant it

I know when you shoved your sword of destruction into my unwelcoming fortress

I didn’t ask for it

I know I didn’t want you to trespass your unwanted baton of trepidation into my body and massacre my soul

On that I am clear

On that I surely know

Photograph by Ashley Bryd

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