Simple Reminder

‘All you have to do each day is wake up and be the best you You can be,’ She whispered the simple reminder to herself in the mirror, fixed her crown and set out to start her day being her truly unique self not giving into anyone’s construct of who she should be.    …

Window Dressing

    Savor the words you speak Ponder on the actions you commit Because if you’re ugly on the inside the outside it just meaningless window dressing       photography by: Malvestida


I won’t feed your ego Or sugarcoat your ills I’m a real person with my own ideals Don’t flick through my clothes And tell me what to wear Don’t scan through my pictures And tell me how to do my hair I’m not your puppet And how that makes you feel, I really don’t care….


Forged from diamond Molded from clay Encrusted with gold Intoxicating your atmosphere Blazing through your stratosphere Shattering feeble minds with my majesty Don’t meander in my brilliance Don’t bring tomfoolery into my court Leave your drama at the door Don’t pollute my ears with your gossip Don’t disrupt my calm with your chaos Or my…

I Don’t Know

Maybe my dress was too tight I don’t know Maybe my skirt was too short I don’t know Maybe my blouse was too low I don’t know Or my yoga pants too firm fitting I don’t know Maybe my maxi dress was too loose, How that one strip falls off my shoulder I don’t know…