Delight Evades

    Delight abandoned her Disappointment embraced her Falling asleep in despair Waking up in melancholy           Photography by: Actionvance


  In the sleeping hours, it is forgotten That nothingness swells in the waking hours Years of success being a gift that passed you up Progression being something that evaded their clutch Being happy is easy but faking it is a chore. Time is the enemy You can’t fast forward and get to the end…

The Girl That Time Forgot

    The girl that time forgot Disintegrated with every tick of the clock A life stuck on pause While affluence blooms around   Photography by: Andrew Neel

I Don’t Know

Maybe my dress was too tight I don’t know Maybe my skirt was too short I don’t know Maybe my blouse was too low I don’t know Or my yoga pants too firm fitting I don’t know Maybe my maxi dress was too loose, How that one strip falls off my shoulder I don’t know…