Friday Night Delights

Twas the night of Friday

And all through the brick house

Every creature was stirring

Oh God! Is that a mouse?

A pair of yoga pants hung from the silver chandelier soaring in the air

Because Jimmy spilled hot cocoa

Over Jenny’s freshly dyed hair

That rolled down her back

And onto her legs greatly in need of Nair

The teens were nestled in their off the wall Vans

Staring up at the banister

While Connor exclaimed, “I can! I can! I can!”

He could. He could. He could.

He flew down the stairs

On the ruby red sled

Out the door

Cascading into Old Man Ted’s Porsche

Leaving a dent on the trunk bigger than Ed’s rock head.

When out on the roof clicked a mighty clatter.

Lily hopped off the hoverboard to see what was the matter

She stood in the front yard and shivered with great distress

Patrick had dared Carmen to scale the roof in shoes that were far from flat

Carmen screamed and shuddered for a ladder or even some rope

Dante ran to the garage a little too late

In a flash, the thin heel snapped like glass

And she plummeted to the neatly mown grass

Quicker than Usain Bolt’s fifty-yard dash.

The moon glowed brightly on that hot, humid night.

Beads of sweat rained down Lily’s round forehead

Her heart raced faster than all the cars in Nascar.

It was over

She was done

Or maybe she was dumb

For listening to Dante

Believing him when he said, “Just two friends, that’s all. We’ll Netflix and chill.”

Now, a hundred plus kids tracked through her house

As her father’s Denali scrolled down Hickory Lane

The gray-bearded man slammed on the brake

When he leapt out the truck

Lily slumped her shoulders and stalked back up the driveway.

Filthy with red cups and glitter, Lily sat on the couch

Peering up at her mother who was standing by her father

As he listed all the things she lost.

No Snapchat

No Instagram

No Twitter

No skateboarding with Dante

No lattes with Patrick

No more shopping with Carmen

No more laptop

No more Wi-Fi

No selfies with Jenny

And goodbye Volkswagen Jetta too

Now, Lily stared up at the ceiling of her purple room

Stuck in the four walls with no internet to boot.

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