The One Left Behind

It was safe to say she all she had to rely on was herself The people that were closest in proximity to her were runners Running away physically or Running away mentally Leaving her in reality To figure out the things they weren’t able to comprehend

Taking the Bait

“This is stupid.” Tasha protested, standing in the foyer of a Victorian mansion that was tucked away on a hill behind weeping willows and an iron fence. “They need help,” Ainsley waved a folded piece of notebook paper towards her. “We need to help them and they might have my suitcase.” She paused to marvel…

Supper Secession

      Around the table They laughed and conversed  Until wine was slurped  And words were spilled A secret kept locked away  For many years ended friendships abruptly with a whole lot of tears.        What type of secret would ruin a friendship?   Photography by: Dave Lastovskiy


She was her friend So, she told her, her life story Took the lady to her house And made her feel at home Fed her and made sure she was warm Until her friend got too relaxed And intertwined herself With something That she shouldn’t have touched He was the reason they Weren’t friends anymore

Friday Night Delights

Twas the night of Friday And all through the brick house Every creature was stirring Oh God! Is that a mouse? A pair of yoga pants hung from the silver chandelier soaring in the air Because Jimmy spilled hot cocoa Over Jenny’s freshly dyed hair That rolled down her back And onto her legs greatly…