She’s a peculiar person
In an ordinary world
She thinks life is meant to be lived
Not days spanned to years
Spent at a desk logging in hours to pay bills
Clubs don’t excite her
Apple martinis don’t percolate her taste buds
She’d rather a hike through the hinterland
Sipping on a green tea spiked with honey
Hooking up with Tom and making out with Harry
Doesn’t tickle her fancy
She’d rather have one to be her only
She doesn’t see people as bodies with souls
She sees eternal souls living in carefully crafted bodies
The world views black, white, Asian, or Italian
But she sees love, faith, patience, and compassion
Money is good to have but a good conscience
is worth more than a thousand pounds of gold
She’d rather solitude with the harmonizing of a hummingbird
Than sitting table side at the Golden Globes
Weird you might call her
Strange you may say
But she likes being crafted from her one of a kind mold
And simply her is how she’ll stay.

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