Queen of Vengeance

I will arrive at your castle

I will sit on your golden throne

I will drink delicious wine from your gauntlet

I will clench your diamond-encrusted scepter

I will wield your mighty sword

And I will do so violently

Before you slip into that endless sleep my dear king

I will kneel by your side and whisper in your ear

Calmly and firmly

To say,

“Being your Queen stopped tickling my fancy,

Since I wasn’t enough wife for you.

I stood by you tried and true

Danced in heaven and endured hell all for you.

When it was your time to fight a war inflicted on me

You abandoned me to brave my own storm.

You had her in my bed and for that, I should have your head.

Your abdication of my trust and loyalty is what granted you this fate

You will feast with the dead

While I run your estate.”

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