A Farmer of Words

Writing a book is akin to planting seeds. Each seed grows at different rates Some seeds sprout faster Some seeds bear fruit quicker Ideas birthed in mind and Planted on paper Not all flow easily like rushing rivers after a storm Day by day Sometimes year by year The words will come The sentences will…

The Girl That Time Forgot

    The girl that time forgot Disintegrated with every tick of the clock A life stuck on pause While affluence blooms around   Photography by: Andrew Neel

Novel Pimp

Your empire is falling.  You presume to know what people want Bookstores shelved with novels anointed to be page-turners Mainly catering to a select group of readers Whose hue doesn’t tan darker than unbleached flour With just one glance You think you can pick greatness Predict a hit Having no clue what lies between pages…

A New Creation

Two uniquely different individuals Became one His body was hers Her body was his His failures were hers Her struggles were his His gains were her’s and they melded their love into an imperishable fortress That made the walls of Jericho envious. Time brought upon its trials Battering their stone barrier Threatening the pull them…


A blank page is many things The creation of something new A chance to start over A complete reboot Abound in possibilities With a shadow of doubt Haunted by fear Staring at a blank page Finger froze with uncertainty Will the sentence flow, Or will it just have to be blotted out


Dark as the night’s sky The windows to her soul told him nothing. Hinted at no space where they could share common ground An invisible cloak hid her loves, wants, lusts, and wishes All the things he coveted to posses and craved to know About the mystical being that captivated his undivided attention   Photographer…


A weight lay upon her chest. Filled with all the things wished for Formulated from all the things hoped for Crushing through her ribs  Seeking to penetrate her soul.

Life’s Road

Eyes stuck on a world that’s not yours Wondering where in your life you went wrong. Did you not study hard enough? Work hard enough? The questions you ask yourself are limitless But did you ever ponder that everyone’s path is a snowflake Life’s journey is not the same for everyone. Some people have a…

The One

She watched him letting contemplation claim the canals of her mind She wondered if he was the one The one that would erase the others from the servers of her brain To fade the scars on the chambers of her heart Could he make her forget about the one that dipped her heart in dry…


You’re not mine And he doesn’t care that you’re his So, slip away with me And we can find ourselves In invisibility. Art by: Aneta Ivanova