A New Creation

Two uniquely different individuals
Became one
His body was hers
Her body was his
His failures were hers
Her struggles were his
His gains were her’s and they melded their love into an imperishable fortress
That made the walls of Jericho envious.
Time brought upon its trials
Battering their stone barrier
Threatening the pull them apart
Undo the twine that twisted them into a single entity
Discussions transformed into grenades
Arguments evolved into napalm
And words became bullets impacting unyielding damage
Chewing away at that stone wall
Gravel sprinkled to the ground as the edges began to crumble
But it was the foundation that refused to diminish
Holding up that fortress until the present battle was won
And in the wake of their storm, they remembered
They were no longer two
But One.


Photograph by: Anne Edgar



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