Life’s Road

Eyes stuck on a world that’s not yours
Wondering where in your life you went wrong.
Did you not study hard enough?
Work hard enough?
The questions you ask yourself are limitless
But did you ever ponder that everyone’s path is a snowflake
Life’s journey is not the same for everyone.
Some people have a life with a road of milk and honey
Everything comes natural along their bulleted plan
While others have a rocky, potholed cluttered path
Troubles and disappointments seem like they never stop coming
Then there are those that have a life with no road
Forced to put on their backpack and strap up their boots
For their trail is uncharted
Over the mountain and through the woods
Full of mystery and unpredictability
In a world with many roads
Leading to many destinations
You’ll never get to where you’re supposed to be
If you compare your map to someone elses’
You’ll never get where you’re meant to be
If you keep comparing your life to someone else’s.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Ramona says:

    That is so true Amber…. Life do have different road to travel….. Awesome!!! Love It..

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