The One

She watched him letting contemplation claim the canals of her mind

She wondered if he was the one

The one that would erase the others from the servers of her brain

To fade the scars on the chambers of her heart

Could he make her forget about the one that dipped her heart in dry ice

Just to fling it out the window


The one whose hands were sticky enough to remove her clothes

But not enough to hold onto her phone number

Or maybe

The one that told her she would be beautiful if she­­­­­­­­­­­ lost a little weight


The one that whispered sweet nothings in her ear of forever only to leave her with broken promises


The one she watched out the window could be a bastard dressed up like a gentleman waiting to invade her world and leave destruction in his wake

Or just maybe

He could be the one.

Photography by: Brandon Woelfel

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