Love’s Residue

The flowers had welted The vase was bone dry Although her eyes weren’t Empty tissue boxes filled her trash can Her appetite had vanished The pain was too strong She was evaporating in despair Wasn’t she enough She gave her all Tried her best To be the partner he’d truly admire Even though her friends…

A Change of Heart

  He was the man she prayed for but When he arrived in her life she was no longer the woman that spoke that prayer       Photography by: Pablo Heimplatz

Everlasting Cure for Heartbreak

    If you love something You can lose it Maybe It’d be better To close Up your heart and be Reclusive           Photography by Dahiana Candelo


Get off your knees Don’t beg and plead Climb to your feet You had your cake And did what you did I just want to make sure Your eyes are watching When I leave Unknown Photographer

No Sugar

She sipped her coffee Hoping he’d choke on his He phoned her up wanting to meet after All these years Was he serious? When he asked her that His teeth didn’t fall out So, she did hear him right He asked her what she thought And since he liked his coffee black She kept it…

The One

She watched him letting contemplation claim the canals of her mind She wondered if he was the one The one that would erase the others from the servers of her brain To fade the scars on the chambers of her heart Could he make her forget about the one that dipped her heart in dry…


A rose is a rose, which you are not You are the thorn that pricked by soul And nicked my heart You tricked me you sly fox But childish games only trick me once You foolish little fox