Say It

You say it behind my back

Hateration is your specialty.

I beg you to face me

And utter what’s weighing down your conflicted heart.

List it all one by one

Tell me all your grievances

Until you reach a hundred and one

Tell me my hair is too big

That my curls are too unruly as they fall pass my shoulders

Tell me my hips are too wide

My posterior is too ample

As my dress hugs me in all the right ways

Don’t forget to call me a bitch

You know you want too.

Tell me it all

Be oh so true

So, when I open my mouth

And express to you

The immensity of how much

I truly



Without a shadow of a doubt

Don’t give a damn

You’ll be able to move on

And stop concerning yourself

With my life.

One Comment Add yours

  1. tammie mae says:

    Okay! Great answer, The lady is locked and loaded for hunting. Where is the jealousy ; it should hide after an intro as that.

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