A Sickness of Man’s Creation

An illness is ravaging the land

Spreading not by coughs or sneezes nor by the touch upon skin

This sickness is dispersed by words

Constructed from faulty ideals

Reinforced with erroneous theories

And solidified askew doctrines

This pathogen doesn’t tire the muscles or inflict one with a blistering fever

But it has slaughtered many because of its symptoms

It’s a parasite that gnaws on the brain

Warping the mind

And deadening the heart into a place void of compassion

Sound logic doesn’t greet their ears

And reason doesn’t dampened their fears

They’re infected with the virus that was created ions ago

Tainted by the notion that a mere complexion is superior than another

Corrupted with the belief that one’s appearance implies their worth


One’s birthplace signifies their value.

Drunk with ruthless repugnance of that a human that looks differently than them breaths air and exist

It’s contaminated are numerous and it’s casualties are high

The antidote is simple but the disease fight hard not to be healed.

Do you know what this illness is?

Have you been infected?




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  1. Ramona Wilson Samuel says:

    Awesome Amber Dale very interesting….Keep up this great writing love it

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