It’s A Mad, Mad World

She was once taught to discern the essence of a person by how they treat the people around them

If they treat people with respect then they are respectful

If they treat people with love then they’re  loving

If they treat people with spite then they’re spiteful

If they treat people with hate then they’re hateful

Then time ascending and the script flipped

No longer were people cataloged my their characteristics

No longer is a person the sum of the fruits they sow, reap, and share

In this world, there’s a philosophy that has been birthed and spread

A person is purely the portrait of their hued tone

No longer is a criminal a criminal because they broke the law

But a criminal because they’re skin is darker than straw

Borders are no longer a means to divide land

But the decider on who is privileged to a safe house and sound sleep

The Creator of is no longer concerned with the heart of a man

But the makeup of a person’s DNA, race, and their genealogy is where His determination resides

Kindness and compassion shouldn’t be spread out like icing on a cake

but rather powder animosity and hate like ricin in a shake

Civility is no longer a two way street

But a way to do ills and then expect to be treated nicely

The earth is spinning

And time is ticking

And with every day the world becomes a mad, mad place.

Maybe she’s the strange one that judges a tree by it’s fruits

And treat people how she wants to be treated

Maybe she should be like the masses in this mad, mad world?

But most likely she won’t

Because there’s a consuming fire that swarms in her belly

And if she has to be a light on the hill shining in the midst of darkness

Then so be it.

After all, someone has to be sane in this mad, mad world



Photography by Andy Omvik

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