Writer’s Block

  A wall of brick and concrete Mortared by doubts From the rejections gliding into the inbox Constructed with words pertaining to the fitness of your craft Slaughtering ideas, plot, and dialogue Chocking creativity and murdering epilogues Disillusioning you in a world To believe the hundreds of paragraphs Whimsical metaphors And lyrical lines You birthed…

Novel Pimp

Your empire is falling.  You presume to know what people want Bookstores shelved with novels anointed to be page-turners Mainly catering to a select group of readers Whose hue doesn’t tan darker than unbleached flour With just one glance You think you can pick greatness Predict a hit Having no clue what lies between pages…


A blank page is many things The creation of something new A chance to start over A complete reboot Abound in possibilities With a shadow of doubt Haunted by fear Staring at a blank page Finger froze with uncertainty Will the sentence flow, Or will it just have to be blotted out


You’re not mine And he doesn’t care that you’re his So, slip away with me And we can find ourselves In invisibility. Art by: Aneta Ivanova

A Writer’s Mind

Complex corridors construct my brain Labyrinth illusions reside in this domain Home of the intricate Delicately crafted from Memories of old And Intuition anchored to my soul Planning, deciphering, analyzing faster than The MacBook resting upon your desktop Buy a ticket Bring your passport Buckle in Get ready to glide to another dimension More than…