It’s A Mad, Mad World

She was once taught to discern the essence of a person by how they treat the people around them If they treat people with respect then they are respectful If they treat people with love then they’re  loving If they treat people with spite then they’re spiteful If they treat people with hate then they’re…

Window Dressing

    Savor the words you speak Ponder on the actions you commit Because if you’re ugly on the inside the outside it just meaningless window dressing       photography by: Malvestida


  Life is being refreshed New beginnings swirl in the pollen-infused air Some relationships are energized with the brighter days and warm temperatures While others are still in turmoil from the mayhem winter enacted. Photography by: Krystina Rogers


  People are the fruits they produce. Kindness or hatred Love or malice Generosity or greed     Photography by Joanna Kosinska

A Library of People

I was taught to never judge a book by its cover Read the prologue Skim through the pages Peruse the first chapter And maybe the beginning of the third Pay attention to the title headings It may give you some insight. That’s probably why I view people as books Stacked in the library of life…

Sheep’s Clothing

    Be Cautious of  The person that uses God’s spiritual word  To spread their own Physical agenda     Photography by: Luke Palmer

Dwell Less

  Dwell less on a person’s size. Care little about someone’s hue Be more concerned with their qualities as a human. Dwell less on Tall…Short Skinny…Fat Black…White Poor….Rich Urban…Suburban  Vegan….Carnivore See the true essence of the person Compassion, generosity, kindness Things that the soul feels and the eyes can’t realize   Photography by: Tobias Zils

Mind Embargo


Forced Onward

    He stood in the busy airport With everything he owned in a backpack Staring at the departure screen Knowing two things with surety There was nothing left for him in his hometown and  there was nowhere he wanted to be but there.       Photography by Erik Odin

Writer’s Block

  A wall of brick and concrete Mortared by doubts From the rejections gliding into the inbox Constructed with words pertaining to the fitness of your craft Slaughtering ideas, plot, and dialogue Chocking creativity and murdering epilogues Disillusioning you in a world To believe the hundreds of paragraphs Whimsical metaphors And lyrical lines You birthed…