Until It’s Won

A part of me wants to give up

To stop

Wave the white flag in the air and fight no more

Surrendering seems quite appealing

Doing good is difficult

Doing the right thing is laborious

Everyday can be a struggle to not give in

To stop following the rules

Resign from the fight

Why keep on when other do less and get more


You over analyze your choices

Scrutinize your decisions

Nitpick your current condition

Trying to understand why you are where you are

After working so hard

Fighting so long

Enduring so much

Wondering if its all worth it

When you are

Where you are

In a state that seems unfruitful and grim

Like drowning in dry land


You want to stop

You want to quit


You can’t

Because your dreams won’t stop whispering to you

And your soul won’t stop pleading with you to keep going

Truth be told

You know they’re right

You can’t quit

You have to push through

You’re a warrior

And warriors don’t rest

Until the war is won

So, keep fighting


Photography by: Zoltan Tasi


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