Monday Mantra

Doubt will not deflect my goals Fear will not force me to stop the pursuit of my journey My dream is in my reach I will be the person I wish to be

Monday Mindset

Though you don’t see it Or feel it Your hardwork is paying off The things you prayed for The blessing you hoped for Are working out. Just keep beliving and Keep holding on. Your time is coming. Photograph by: Erica Steeves

Simple Reminder

‘All you have to do each day is wake up and be the best you You can be,’ She whispered the simple reminder to herself in the mirror, fixed her crown and set out to start her day being her truly unique self not giving into anyone’s construct of who she should be.    …

Scrivener’s Disease

Transfixed with a purpose A vision planted in the soul upon creation To author someone’s favorite novel A daunting dream, they know An all-consuming, Time devouring, Life claiming dream The ‘want to quit‘ is a notion that skips hand and hand with them To stop and move on Live a normal life Where the words stop…

2019 Motto

  The New Year is here Reset your mind Laser in your focus Be the best you you can be without causing harm to  another   Photography by: Spenser Sembrat

Until It’s Won

A part of me wants to give up To stop Wave the white flag in the air and fight no more Surrendering seems quite appealing Doing good is difficult Doing the right thing is laborious Everyday can be a struggle to not give in To stop following the rules Resign from the fight Why keep…


Sleep on my dream and You’ll wake up during my reign.