With three knocks at the door

She knew he had arrived

Her parents told her this day would come

That the man would appear

But she didn’t see him on their last day

She thought about not opening the door but her soul told her she had to

She twisted the doorknob and removed the barrier that stood between them

She wanted to tell him she couldn’t go

That her son was just upstairs sleeping soundly in bed

Unfortunately, she knew her argument wouldn’t hold weight

She would still have to go

Her home was laying over there lifeless at the bottom of the stairs.

Witnessing her hesitation he opened his mouth and decreed, “Your journey is complete.

Your test is finished. Some paths may be long. Some may be short but you must come with

me so another soul can begin.”

One Comment Add yours

  1. tammie mae says:

    DEATH is a MOFOer. ooh. I’m just shimmering . GOD BLESS

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