Scrivener’s Disease

Transfixed with a purpose A vision planted in the soul upon creation To author someone’s favorite novel A daunting dream, they know An all-consuming, Time devouring, Life claiming dream The ‘want to quit‘ is a notion that skips hand and hand with them To stop and move on Live a normal life Where the words stop…


She was her friend So, she told her, her life story Took the lady to her house And made her feel at home Fed her and made sure she was warm Until her friend got too relaxed And intertwined herself With something That she shouldn’t have touched He was the reason they Weren’t friends anymore


She let it roll down her back Trickle down her spine Because if she didn’t The words they spewed would pierce her mind And callous her heart So, she turned their bitter ramblings into fuel And bloomed to be a better being One that they could never imagine


With three knocks at the door She knew he had arrived Her parents told her this day would come That the man would appear But she didn’t see him on their last day She thought about not opening the door but her soul told her she had to She twisted the doorknob and removed the…

Whisper of the Mind

Her pocket is filled with money that jingles And none that folds I.O.Us stack high in her savings account Her wallet is padded with due dates Bleeding red with urgency She closes her eyes And need yells her name Her mind searches for the power button To shut down the bane of her existence She…