The Blindfold

    Worry and stress Festers on the soul And blinds you of The blessings you behold.


  Fear takes you to one place; A land of abyss Built by despair. Don’t let it take you there.


  We’re not the same person. We don’t share one brain. I don’t have to follow your ideals. You don’t have to accept my beliefs. We can agree to disagree And still be cordial.


Sleep on my dream and You’ll wake up during my reign.  

After All This Time

She wasn’t going to come She knew he’d be there The man that got down on one knee and asked Her to be with him from now to eternity After all those months had passed he looked the same Intelligence and desire Made of muscle and bone The churn of her stomach The fire upon…


Embrace the struggle Don’t resist Let it prune away the weeds that weakness bore So, the magnificent splendor Of your flower can bloom. Photography by: Ahmed Saffu

Love of One

Don’t try to fulfill the measurements Of someone else’s mold Be enough for yourself Be true to you Be honest with you Love you Cherish you Honor yourself before anyone else


She’s a peculiar person In an ordinary world She thinks life is meant to be lived Not days spanned to years Spent at a desk logging in hours to pay bills Clubs don’t excite her Apple martinis don’t percolate her taste buds She’d rather a hike through the hinterland Sipping on a green tea spiked…


You don’t know me You never will I’m not your type of girl I’m a little too real That’s cool with me ‘Cause I’m not for everyone I’m no happy meal I’m a feast fit for a king


Can you look at a car and tell if it’s dependable? Can you look at a puppy and know it’s going to be well-behaved dog? Can you look at a newborn and tell if it’s going to live for a hundred years? Can you see a book and know if it’s going to be a…