In this revolving sphere
We focus on the fleeting
Adoring the momentary
Praising the temporary
Beauty and greed rule this domain
Causing some to trek a never-ending pilgrimage for the fountain of youth
Wasting minutes and years to halt the progression of their shell.
Some seek to claim a spot on top of a hill
Ruling over the masses
Claiming everything to be theirs
Gobbling up all the greatness of the earth
Then there’s the mischief-maker
Sitting upon his throne of empty promises and broken dreams
Watching his essence go about its deed
Roaming these lands seeking whom they can mislead
They hatch tales attracting the attention of your deepest desire
Conjure up wonders captivating all you conspire
You count the dollars in your account
While he counts the souls in his bank
The hordes he’s been collecting since the beginning of time
Tricking those with such intricate devices they swore it was their idea
Not remembering him whispering it in their ears.
You race through this realm pursuing fun and games
While he setup snares plotting your disdain
The originality of his strategy
Is quite simple if you can see
While you’re busy judging beings on how they appear
He’s peering into your true essence tucked deep within
Penetrating your soul
Reading all the fruits waiting to sprout
Arranging a scheme to rotten them from inside out
Life is merely a test
And some of us are so tripped up on the color of paper
T he questions are printed on
To even write their name upon the dotted line


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