2019 Motto

  The New Year is here Reset your mind Laser in your focus Be the best you you can be without causing harm to  another   Photography by: Spenser Sembrat


In this revolving sphere We focus on the fleeting Adoring the momentary Praising the temporary Beauty and greed rule this domain Causing some to trek a never-ending pilgrimage for the fountain of youth Wasting minutes and years to halt the progression of their shell. Some seek to claim a spot on top of a hill…


Raining upon them terror Pouring onto them pain Festering on their conflicted mind Infecting you with doubt Diseasing you with worry You twisted your face towards her depravity So, look into her abyss And get lost in her emptiness She is a void Chasing away your dreams Reaping upon you nightmares

B.S. Degree

Two thousand nine hundred and twenty days That’s how long it to you to get to that chair That chair in the gym usually commandeered for Basketball Games Or that auditorium mostly occupied for concerts by whichever pop princess comes to town Two thousand nine hundred and twenty days You rose before the sun Wolfed…