B.S. Degree

Two thousand nine hundred and twenty days

That’s how long it to you to get to that chair

That chair in the gym usually commandeered for Basketball Games

Or that auditorium mostly occupied for concerts by whichever pop princess comes to town

Two thousand nine hundred and twenty days

You rose before the sun

Wolfed down breakfast

Threw on those jeans and slipped into that T-shirt

Just to make it to that seat

That seat where you sat

Scribbling notes

Answering essay questions

Keeping your eyes peeled open during lectures

And bubbling in scantrons

Two thousand nine hundred and twenty days

You drunk coffee like it was going out of style

Grinded for that elusive A

Became thankful for that B

Accepted that C

And said hell no to that D

Eight years you prepared for that glorious day

That day you marched across that stage

That day you accepted that bachelor’s degree

as your family shouted and cheered like the audience at a Cleveland Cavaliers game

You celebrate and do a dance

You’ve done it

You earned that thing you’ve slaved for

Put in the hours to secure the ticket to a good life

Thirty days later you quickly discover that you aren’t LeBron James

Sitting across the forty-something blazer adorned beholder of destinies

Wielding power behind their desk of mahogany

They peruse over your resume with noses turned up informing you of your lack of experience

Then you fully understand the meaning of Bachelor of Science in this land of opportunity

434 days after

You stare fondly at the off-white piece of paper

On the egg shell painted wall

Holding you cell phone

Waiting for that call

That one call after submitting

So many application you could fill up an Olympic size pool and take a dip

A dip in the deep end of copious debt

Debt you accumulated to earn that calligraphy signed

Piece of paper

Hanging on the wall of your parents’ living room

While you still sleep on the Power Ranger sheets

In the room, you dreamed fanciful thoughts about your future

Buy a home

Drive a fancy car

Work hard and shoot for the stars.

Twenty seconds later

Dream the same

Because sometimes


Bull Shit


Pay off.

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