A Farmer of Words

Writing a book is akin to planting seeds. Each seed grows at different rates Some seeds sprout faster Some seeds bear fruit quicker Ideas birthed in mind and Planted on paper Not all flow easily like rushing rivers after a storm Day by day Sometimes year by year The words will come The sentences will…


  Float away with me Above the trees Over the mountains So we can dream About what Destiny has planned For us Through the years       Photography by: Aaron Burden


  In the sleeping hours, it is forgotten That nothingness swells in the waking hours Years of success being a gift that passed you up Progression being something that evaded their clutch Being happy is easy but faking it is a chore. Time is the enemy You can’t fast forward and get to the end…

The Girl That Time Forgot

    The girl that time forgot Disintegrated with every tick of the clock A life stuck on pause While affluence blooms around   Photography by: Andrew Neel


  Coffee and wine A soul so divine Beaten and battered By the trials of time Seeking shelter from the surge of life’s storm Step inside and find solace In Peppermint-Sunshine       Photography by: Patrick Fore

Being Still

      Being on the sidelines of the field of life  She sat on the bench in the Hardest game to be played The Waiting Game. Waiting to be picked Waiting to play Waiting to take part in all the Experiences life had to offer. Days turned to months And Months transpired into years….


She bit her nails Brimming with vexation As the clock stroked twelve The defining moment had come to pass Was she still a girl Or a woman, at last She picked up the stick and read the clear words Still feeling like a girl Although in nine months time She was going to bring life…

Star Gazing

Out of reach Way up high He stared at her Like she was the only star In the midnight sky When all she longed for Was the oration of his voice Feel his illumination And Sizzle from his spark But time had pushed them apart Creating light years of space During their orbit Their constellation…

Runner Up

‘Congratulations’ she spoke with sincerity Annoying him as each syllable slipped passed her lips She was the last person he wanted to see Being a constant reminder of what could not be Hoping, wishing, and pining that she was his Wasting minutes, days, months, and years He leaned over and whispered in her ear; ‘Don’t…


Time is a bitch Blessing when she pleases Damning when she wishes Wreaking pain upon whoever on a whim Too consumed with the sands that spill down her spine To give a good got damn.