What They Said

Make good grades they said

Study hard they said

Volunteer they said

Get into the right college they said

Join clubs they said

Apply for that loan, it’ll pay off they said

They didn’t say what to do when they fail us

When they make decisions based on them and not on us

Vote for us. We’ll bring change. We’ll help, they said.

But how can they help us when they can’t work together.

Fighting like kids on the playground.

But that’s fine. Let them fight

And we’ll work like always.

We’ll survive like always.

We’ll solve our own problems like always.

Because we are clever

We are talented

We are trailblazers

We are genuine

We don’t buy lies

We don’t follow blindly after our ears have been seduced by lyrical speeches.

We are creative

We are fighters

We are survivors

We are brave

 We are American.

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