On My Author Ish!

What’s up!

I know it’s been a minute since I posted something new. I have missed posting poems, reflections, and little short stories. However, there have been some happenings in my life that gobbled up my time to just sit down and let my mind run wild into the realms of creativity.

First, I went back to teaching full-time. I have always had a passion for teaching. I love helping people expand their knowledge and understanding. It’s exciting to watch someone progress and excel. The profession of teaching consumes so much of oneself and when you do get a break you spend it refueling and resting to be ready for the next week.

The other thing that prevented me from sitting down in front of my laptop and crafting some metaphors and alliteration was that I was editing. I signed a book deal with W by Wattpad for The Many Dates of Indigo last year.

I also moved too but the former things were what consumed my time.

As the year rushes towards completion, I am readying myself for the release of my first book. It’s kind of surreal. It was 2010 when I told my parents I didn’t want to go to law school but be a writer instead. I must say the road was bumpy and the journey arduous but worth it.

Sure, I haven’t reached my main goal. Be a full-time author; write for a career. But the clouds have finally parted and I can see the destination clearer.

I’m just out here trying to live my purpose; create works of art that inspire and entertain.

Out Now

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