Can you tell what evil is?

 Evil is sly and conniving

Smooth and easy

It slides down like a fine wine from the

hills of France.

Do you believe what you hear?

Lies are easy to tell but hard to decipher

They tangle you up like a spider’s web

Until the noose is tightly pulled around your throat

What do you perceive?

Because nothing truly is as it appears.

Evil is an artist better than Picasso or Van Gogh

Painting the image they want you to see

Putting on the façade that breaks down your wall of


Or maybe you can rely on their emotions?

Happy is happy and sad is sad, right

Then again evil is a mockingbird

Supplying you with what you need to get what it wants.

What does it want?

Your suffering of course!

To soothe it’s ego

To comfort it’s loneliness

To prove it’s point

To build it’s pride

How do you stop evil?

It’s funny you should ask.

Everyone has their own way,

They may work; they may not.

But I usually side with the one that’s tried and true

It was present since the first rising moon

And will linger until the last setting sun

Its the voice of your conscience

The wisdom in your soul

The Alpha and The Omega

The Light of the World

The Bread of Life

Or to be easy as pie you can just call him I Am.

That’s my way, that’s where I go to break down the tricks

of evil’s trade.

But then again like I said this is me, you are you

Pick what you like,

You be the judge,

If you can?

But judge right,

A miscalculated resolution can cause you your life.

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