Slippery Slope

In a forest dead of life, a woman stands

Lost of her sense of direction

She stands there waiting for someone to find her and carry her home

Thinking she is alone she talks to herself

Reminiscing about all her bad deeds

Saying things that she would never tell a soul

As the tears rolled down her face she remembered the horrific event back home

The stormy night she committed an unthinkable sin

Telling every dreaded detail to God for forgiveness

The crack of a branch silenced her

Her heart stopped and her breathing paused

And a child mesmerized stood froze

Frozen by the atrocity that polluted his ears

Her breathing resumed, quick in pace

Competing with the rapid beats of her heart

He knew, he would tell

She didn’t want to commit that unthinkable sin again

But he knew, he would tell

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