What Will Remain

A deep thinker and a silent observer taking it all in, wondering why humans fight over things that’ll fade away during the duration of time Bodies will wither back to dust Money will deflate to tethered scraps Status will crack like droughted ground and the blood of the hereditary they tried to keep sacred will…


    Quietly thinking About a Loud future         Photography by: Joao Silas

Time Will Tell

Time will tell If the person I see Is the person you are Or Just a mirage Of who I want you to be

Feminine Liquor

      With a sober mind  And an open heart He drank in her words Like wine And fell drunk Off her inhibitions


  Bitter She didn’t want to become Watching all the happiness Swirl around her Like sugar and honey

A Different Beat

  An old soul In a Modern world Beating at a Rhythm heard by Many But Understood by a few       Photograph by: NordWood Themes Photography


Coldness absorbed her being Cloaking her shadow Haunting her with bitterness Depleting her of body heat She’s been dissatisfied for so long Her face would crack if she tried to remove That frown hidden behind that superficial smile A chameleon among the masses She’s playing a part An Oscar worthy actress performing the façade of…

Slippery Slope

In a forest dead of life, a woman stands Lost of her sense of direction She stands there waiting for someone to find her and carry her home Thinking she is alone she talks to herself Reminiscing about all her bad deeds Saying things that she would never tell a soul As the tears rolled…