Sitting here quietly thinking, why is this important?

To be well educated; is to be richly respected.

Education is freedom from all the things of the world.

Education gives one the privilege of not being poor.

Foolishness is transformed into wisdom.

But with this education is a guarantee.

For this knowledge can not be stolen from you

Like a thief in the night

But once planted in your mind, in your soul

It’s yours until the time of the last sunrise,

When all that is known is lost

 This knowledge is yours in your soul for eternity on end

Do you have this knowledge?

Think before you answer too hastily

Look and search through every alley and corner of your brain

For this knowledge isn’t derived from dictionaries or


It can’t be taught in a lecture or seminar

No one can plunge into it in a library

For it is not in any textbooks

For this knowledge is placed in one’s heart

Like a seed by the Most High

This is the education that one’s soul desires

It quenches the thirst of a wanderer in the Sahara

It is one’s warmth in the cold of Siberia

It is the comfort when you are in angst

Protection when you are defenseless as a minute old infant

It is one’s joy when they are in pain

Now, is this the knowledge you possess?

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